In 2017 Adam and Scott met at a Vancouver VR Community Meetup. Fast friends + complimentary skillsets + entrepreneurial drive + amazing game ideas = Multiball Studios.

we're here to make games. all day.

We love what we do and wouldn't trade the 14 hour days, the relentless pace, or the challenges of being a small indie studio for anything else in the world. However, Scott will sell you his hair for more budget.


Adam Thompson - Co-Founder and Developer

Adam is an accomplished game developer and entrepreneur. He funded his degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University by running a mobile app development company. He has a long history of game design experience; his first commercial title Terror Rising was released on the Appstore in 2011. He has since worked at several startup companies both in Hangzhou, China and in Vancouver, BC. Warpaint is the flagship title of his other game development company: Ladder. Self-funded, he hired and managed a team of five people. Their efforts resulted in Warpaint’s successful launch on Steam in March 2017. 


Scott Banducci - Co-Founder and Producer

Scott is an experienced business development executive and software sales manager originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He graduated with a BA from UBC and within 3 months of starting at SaaS company, IntelliResponse, was promoted and tasked with building an Inside Sales team. After 2 years Scott began travelling the world. For 3 years he was able to leverage his reputation to secure contract positions for similar roles in Sydney, Australia and London, UK. His sales driven, results oriented mentality combined with his irrepressible, energetic personality create the perfect producer to facilitate the team’s production efforts.