Space Viking Raiders Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Developer: Adam Thompson and Multiball Studios

Release Date: January 14th, 2019

Platforms: PC, Mac

Price: USD $19.99




Co-op action role-playing comedy in a sci-fi multiverse. 5 hour campaign, 1-4 players online! Badass abilities will have you wreck havoc with physics and mass destruction. The best vikings use their limited energy to efficiently wipe out hordes of enemies. PvE MOBA-style hack-and-cast!


-Online co-op campaign -- do the entire campaign online and with your friends!

-Unique Physics-Based Abilities and Weapons -- shred the hordes of oncoming aliens!

-Innovative Swarm Gameplay -- shape and manipulate the oncoming enemy formations to maximize destruction!

-10 Missions across 3 dimensions, with fully voice acted dialogue! Roughly 5 hours to complete the campaign for the first time.

-Singleplayer, and 2-4 player co-op campaign supported.



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"A fun party game with tons of wonderful quirks and a hilarious script that will keep people entertained" - Azmodan0588

“It was a lot of fun. Especially with a full lobby” - Mapleflakes


2D Art: Robyn Natalie Lau + Jade McGilvray + James Richards

Music: Louis Newton + Mark Dolmont

Sound: Mark Dolmont

Programmer: Adam Thompson

Producer: Scott Banducci

3D Art: Dima Kulakov

About Multiball Studios

We play on hard.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Multiball Studios was created by Adam Thompson and Scott Banducci. Using their complementary skill sets and funded with their own money, they set out to build an indie game studio from the ground up.

Despite having minimal time and resources, Multiball was able attract some of the best talent from Vancouver's rich game and film ecosystem. Sound engineers from feature film productions, artists from AAA gaming studios and modelers and animators from the indie game scene. Using a network of connections locally in Vancouver and globally, talent has come from around the world to build their first game Space Viking Raiders.

The idea we believe in is both simple and difficult: the best way to become a successful indie game studio is to start making games. With veteran lead developer Adam Thompson at the helm we expect this first game will demonstrate the tremendous potential of Multiball Studios creativity and network of talented individuals.