We're a real thing now...

Here we are. The starting line, the beginning, the first step.

This is Scott writing, I'll be producing "Swarm", writing some of the story and doing odd jobs as they're required. This will include writing Dev Blogs that aren't too boring. Since that's unlikely, we'll be doing most dev blogs in video format.

I'm chilling in Adam's room right now and watching him play "Quantum Break" (we're watching the TV show cutscenes and Adam is getting a little antsy. "Move it along will you". He just said that... Crazy right? I love those shows mid-game). We just finished Day 1 of pre-production with a breezy 11 hour day. Adam developing prototype 2.0, myself throwing this website together on Squarespace. 

If you're reading this then you're part of a small group of folks... likely a veeerry small group .... who have found out about the best indie game of 2018. That makes you pretty damn awesome. Well done.