Sample Dialogue #1

Here's a scene of dialogue from mission 2.

The Space Vikings have just completed their second raid of the Sluglings dimension and returned to safety through the portal. So besides the main Vikings you'll see the scene fades out and back in on a Slugling general addressing his troops. We call him Winston Slughill.


Dredrick: “Ahh we’ve done it! Haha!!”

Tommy K: “We’re back to the future!”

Athelia: “We got the loot!”

Zica: “Blasted through those things like a storm!”

Dredrick: “We can raid wherever we want at will. This is a new era for Space Vikings! Each one of us now has a destiny to fulfill. We will be a force of raw power and wealth. The soft, planet-bound elites will be our puppets. We will control the flow of elementium. And when the time comes our fleets will conquer all!”

*everyone* … Yeahhh!!!!....  2-3 second silence…….

Zica: “So… when do we get out share?”

Dredrick: “What?”

Zica : “Our share, when will you be giving it to us?”

Dredrick: “Well... not now.”

Tommy K: “Not now? Not nowwwowow?”

Dredrick: “No... Listen, we can raid those mindless bugs as much as we like. We don’t need to worry about money ever again!”

Zica: “So why can’t we get a share now?”

Dredrick: “Well that elementium’s gone. Let’s go get more!!!”

Athelia: “Wait, gone! That was enough elementium to buy a planet! Or to power it for a 1000 years!” 

Dredrick: “Ya it’s gone. I hoarded it.”

Athelia: “Ah right. Good.”

Tommy K: “You ate all of it!?”

Dredrick: “What? No I said I hoarded it!”

Tommy K: “Ohh. Hoarded..”

Zica: “So you buried it.”

Dredrick: “Right.”

Zica: “And you killed whoever helped you dig the hole?”

Dredrick: “Yeah.”

Zica: “And you just leave it there and never spend it ”

Dredrick: “Well, yeah...”

Zica: “But couldn’t we have kept a bit to spend on some different weapons? Like a plasma lance or a plasma flail? Even just 1 plasma sword would at least let me choose my weapon!?”

Dredrick: “Ahh what are you complaining about!? Look how awesome your axe is! They’ll be plenty of time and money for those other weapons later. In fact, we’re going back there right now to get some more elementium! These mindless, ugly-ass, bulging hunchbacked, orange sacks of green puree are pushovers! Follow me!”

**Fade out to Winston Slughill, a general Slugling addressing his army**

Wiinston Slughill: “We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the nurseries! We shall fight in the canyons. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in larvae, we shall defend our hives whatever the cost may be. We shall fight with the leeches, we shall fight with the gastropods, we shall fight in the tunnels and in the hives; we shall never surrender! And if, the colony or large part of it were detonated and dissolving, then our colonies beyond the canyon, in Slug-God’s good time, with all their power and might, steps forth to our rescue and liberation.

*Slugling army yells*: "Yeah!"